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We are committed to providing a refreshing experience for all of our customers. Discover what our clients have to say about our services.
  • Dennis Schaden
    “Excellent transcription quality, which is the most important thing. But I've also got to say that the customer support goes above and beyond to communicate clearly and to ensure my satisfaction with the process and the final product.”
    Dennis Schaden
  • Mason Botsford
    “I had an audio file that I would like transcribed, and I was satisfied with the result. I was impressed with the unclear pronunciations that were detected and transcribed. The delivery was prompt, and everything was spell-checked already.”
    Mason Botsford
  • Valentina Koss
    “The transcriber is amazing, with a quick turnaround, great accuracy, and excellent communication. She transcribed two pieces of content, one audio and video, both of which had speakers with strong English regional accents, but she dealt with it all.”
    Valentina Koss
  • Clare Jakubowski
    “Working with this site was a pleasure and a pure professional experience! I look forward to working on future projects with the team and would give them the highest recommendation possible.”
    Clare Jakubowski
  • Zama Eusebio
    “Good transcription at a proper price. Though I requested a change on some sentences, it was due to the hard accents and the topic. Overall, they did everything on time.”
    Zama Eusebio
  • Josiane Halvorson
    “Absolutely a delight to work with this site. Very professional, and the result came out wonderfully. This is not an automated solution that looks bad. I can tell that the transcriber tried and achieved a great work attitude.”
    Josiane Halvorson
  • Glenna Reichert
    “I want to take a bit of my time to say thanks. The outcome of this task was amazing. I checked it and almost didn't need to do any corrections. It is about an audio file of 80 mins with an accuracy rate of over 99% on the transcript.”
    Glenna Reichert
  • Wilton Lueilwitz
    “The communication was very clear, and the transcriptionist was so quick to respond to the questions we had concerning the transcript. We will use this service for future transcription tasks.”
    Wilton Lueilwitz
  • Nick Allen
    “Easy to use the site. They responded quickly to our request and understood what we needed. They also provided a quick transcription and delivered the transcript at the time we expected it in.”
    Nick Allen
  • Shanon Emard
    “Work was delivered on time and exactly as requested. Speakers had heavy accents and the transcriber still produced a verbatim transcription, showing a native understanding of English, complete with timestamps.”
    Shanon Emard


TranscribeVoice is a unique service provider offering transcription solutions to individuals and businesses around the world.

About Us

TranscribeVoice is a transcription services provider—dedicated to providing clients with fast, accurate, and affordable transcripts in a format specifically suited to each client’s needs. Our team consists of professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are trained and certified. Our qualified and diverse team of transcribers have backgrounds and experiences in various industries. This enables us to match the right person to the task. We review our service quality regularly to ensure best-in-class results and pride ourselves in providing top-quality and excellent customer service as our quality assurance team checks the transcripts submitted by our transcriptionists to ensure high accuracy.

Service Provider

TranscribeVoice is owned and managed by Proofvoice Services. Our business office address is 180 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LB, United Kingdom and you can reach us by email or chat.


Everyone on our team from our intake department to our payment processors and transcribers is under strict confidentiality policy instructions, so your personal information and voice file remain secure. If confidentiality is of particular concern to you or your organisation—we are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request.

What We Offer

We have expertise in the following transcription services.

Pricing & Turnaround

Learn about our transcription rates and turnaround times.

How It Works

Our process guarantees maximum accuracy and returns your work on time.

Submission & Transfer

    Securely send the required project details below by email to
    • Voice file or URL
    • Voice file minutes
    • Voice quality: Clear or Difficult
    • Language preference: American or British English
    • Delivery time preference: 6 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 5 days, 15 days or 30 days
    • Notes to the transcriber, e.g., project type, number of speakers, speaker names, verbatim transcript, time reference, technical terms, acronyms, etc.

Processing & Delivery

  • As soon as we receive the project details stated, we will send you a price quote via a payment link to pay using a credit or debit card. We will base this quote on your selected delivery time and voice file minutes.
  • After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us. This email is your receipt to confirm that we have received your payment. From there, we will assign one of our expert transcriptionists to your voice file.
  • We will deliver your transcript via email within the time frame specified, and we’re happy to answer any questions or offer revisions you may have after you have received your transcript.
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